TSSA and Due Diligence

There is important information that all Heating and Mechanical Contractors should be aware of when considering a gas line contractor. The governing body which controls our industry is called the Technical Safety Standards Association better known as the TSSA. The TSSA enforces all the rules and regulations by means of a code book called the B149 that all of our industry must abide by.

Any company owner, manager and supervisor who employs or dispatches gas fitters must read the first sections of the B149 code book which covers their responsibilities. We have included two of these attachments for your review. These two pages will help to make you aware of the liabilities you can incur if an "incident" were to occur and the gas fitter or gas installation company you employed was found to be at fault.

Licensed gas fitters are governed under the criminal act and if found guilty of negligence, they could be fined and possibly incur a jail term. Depending on the severity of the incident this could also apply to anyone that has hired the gas fitter or installation company.

The gas line installation company that you choose MUST ensure that every possible form of training is given to their employees by way of formal training, written documentation and manuals. If an incident were to occur, you must be able to prove that every possible precaution was taken to avoid the problem with documented proof.

Tri-Flame Gas has created training manuals and has documented proof of all training, safety meetings and written policies as well as sign off sheets for all work installed by the gas fitters. There is a long list of requirements that the TSSA will request to prove our due diligence. Tri-Flame gas has chosen to implement these requirements for the protection of our company and yours.

Technical Safety Standards Association (TSSA) B149 code book Page 3
Technical Safety Standards Association (TSSA) B149 code book Page 13