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34 Leading Road.
Unit # 8
Toronto, Ontario
M9V 3S9
Commercial /Industrial
Custom Houses
Stacked Housing

Stacked Housing

This type of new housing construction has increased dramatically in the Toronto area. Tri-Flame Gas has created a separate division to deal with its requirements.

We will assist in the design and layout of the gas line and venting routes and coordinate them with all the other building trades.

We work alongside Enbridge Gas to help design and layout gas meter locations. We can sleeve the floor prior to the concrete pour for all openings if required. Boilers are frequently used in these in these types of installations which we can also hang and vent.

We will assist in coordination with the engineer, contractor and other trades to determine equipment locations and ensure the manufacturer installation specifications and vent lengths are maintained.

Many times, we find that the installation details on a set of mechanical plans cannot be reproduced on site. Tri-Flame gas takes a proactive approach in the pre-construction stage to correct any potential installation issues before the project begins.

We have a great expertise with this type of housing and can be an asset to anyone that may choose to have us involved in a project of this kind.


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