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Industrial and Commercial Gas Line Installations

Tri-Flame gas services can provide you with a professional gas lines installed in your jobsite. With licensed G1 and G2 gas fitters we can install gas lines for any industrial or commercial building and have done installations from 1000 sq. ft. up to a 1,000,000 sq. ft. building.

Our fitters are trained and experienced in all threaded and welded gas line installations using high or low-pressure gas systems. We have an on-staff welder and our fully stocked warehouse carries up to 6 gas line material to handle any type of installation. Our equipment inventory includes, scissor lifts, coring equipment, generators, compressors and more. Our trucks are fully equipped with the right tools and equipment to be sure the job gets done safely and quickly.

We also offer our customer more than just gas line installations.

  • We will install and vent any equipment that the building requires and can supply all venting material if needed.
  • Our men are experienced in hanging and venting unit heaters, high intensity and low intensity infra reds, duct furnaces or any other suspended piece of equipment.
  • We will mark the roof deck for all vent locations and coordinate the location of equipment with the sprinkler, lighting and racking drawings so there is no interference at the time of installation.
  • We will receive and unload the heating equipment then install it, as well as provide the gas line installation.
  • We can have your plans picked up and estimated or our estimator will come to you to provide a quote.


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