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Residential Gas Lines

Tri-Flame Natural Gas Services has provided residential gas line installations for its customers since 1976 and this was the original service the company started with. We operate as a gas line and venting installation sub-contractor to many Heating, Mechanical and Plumbing contractors in the greater Toronto area.

We are capable of handling large installation volumes and have done gas line installations is as many as 10,000 new homes in one single year. We install gas lines for any appliance in a residential home as well as exterior and underground gas lines. Gas fired Boilers have become very popular and Tri-Flame has installed many types of these boilers in new home construction. We will hang and install the venting for them as well as work with the builder and plumber to determine their locations. We also provide gas lines for all types of temporary heaters during the winter months.

Our installers are trained and certified for the installation of all types of rigid and flexible gas lines and venting materials. Tri-Flame Gas has a large truck fleet stocked and equipped with the material and equipment for any type of installation. We have gas fitters and trucks located in all areas of the GTA to provide superior service. These locations range from London, Ontario to Coburg and from Downtown Toronto to Collingwood.

Call our office for a complete list of the services that we can provide for you.

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