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High-Rise Buildings

Whatever the heating requirements are for a Hi-Rise building, Tri-Flame Gas can provide gas lines for them. If the building has boilers at the roof level, we will install a low pressure welded line or a high-pressure gas line to accommodate them.

We recently completed a 50-story building with gas lines in each of the 400 suites to serve gas appliances which included final connection. We will help to design the gas line system and coordinate the gas lines with all other mechanical trades to avoid interference.

Gas line for temporary heaters during winter use is one of our services and we will include removal of the lines if required.

We also supply and install boiler venting of any size from 8" to 80" depending on your needs. We will locate the vent openings in the roof and measure and order the vent to be sure the system gets installed properly.

Gas piping and venting of gas fired appliances for the individual suites is in our scope of work. We will assist in designing the system and coordinate building openings, vent terminations and venting layout.

We can look after the gas lines and venting in your Hi rise project no matter how complicated the installation may be.

Let us quote any part of the project to help you get the job done quickly and safely.


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