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Custom Houses
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Custom Houses

A custom home or a home renovation is much more demanding for a contractor than a production home. That is why Tri-Flame Gas has created a separate division for this type of installation.

Specially trained gas fitters are chosen to ensure achievement of the highest possible quality.

Coordination of the interior gas lines, vent routes and exterior penetrations are determined before starting the installation. This is to ensure that all stages of our installation run smoothly with the other trades and create the best finished product.

We have our own coring equipment and diamond drills so natural stone exteriors, or a 24-inch-thick century home wall are never an issue.

The gas load requirements of this type of home can be large due to the amount of equipment it may have. Tri-Flame Gas has installed multiple main lines in single homes as well as 5 lb. pressure systems requiring pressure regulators to supply these demands.

Generators, garage heaters, gas lamps and patio heaters are just some of the appliances we supply gas lines for in these types of homes as they now start to become standard items.

Let us quote your Custom Home or Home Renovation and you can be assured that the finished product will be what everyone expected.

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